Chromer’s Fishing Photos

Our Photos from chromer’s awesome bc fishing trips!

Each and every single one of these photos was taken by the fellows at Chromer Sport Fishing.  We put on plenty of miles each year fishing, guiding and running our hosted trips throughout the province of British Columbia and love packing our cameras along.  Enjoy these photos, you can scroll though left or right on each album to see all the pics!

“Langara Island Guide Season 2013″

Photos taken by Yos during the 2013 summer salmon season at Langara Island. Some fish and some fooling around!


“The Best of 2012″

Just having some fun with this vid, here’s a few clips from the best and the worst of our 2012 season.

“Chromer’s Best Photos of 2012″

Here are a few of our favourite photos we captured while guiding and fishing around British Columbia.

“Steelhead Fishing ~ Fall 2012″

Hang ON! Steelhead fishing is our specialty, here’s a few pics to get you going!

“Langara Island Guide Season 2012″

Another great year guiding for Langara Island Lodge.

“Chromer’s Best Photos of 2011″

We took everyone of these photographs on our days of guiding and hosting our trips throughout BC!

“Langara Island Salmon Fishing 2011″

All photos taken by Yos Gladstone during the 2011 season while guiding at Langara Island Lodge.

“Fall steelhead fishing 2011″

All photos taken by the Chromer crew on our steelhead trips in northern BC during the fall of 2011.

“Costa Rica Trip 2011″

Just a good time trip we did down to Costa Rica, what a blast!

“Chromer’s Best Photos of 2010″

Yup we took all these too, 2010 was an awesome year!