Fishing Seasons of British Columbia

BC fishing report ~ The condensed version

This will help when it comes to planning your British Columbia fishing trip with us, or if you’ve already made arrangements to visit BC this will let you know what’s happening when and where.

Summer: June – September

      • Saltwater salmon fishing lodges in British Columbia start opening in early June and operate through the summer into mid September. Fishing is good during all these months but prime times for the best fishing is usually from mid July to early September.
      • Trout fishing in BC rivers starts mid July. Before then rivers are usually too high for fishing.
      • Salmon are moving into British Columbia’s rivers. River fishing for salmon starts in late August.
      • Sturgeon fishing in the Fraser River is hot all summer long with lots of big fish around.
      • Steelhead fishing in BC’s north starts for summer-run steelhead starting in mid September.
      • Salmon fishing charters throughout BC and in Vancouver enjoy their best fishing.
Here’s our four most popular SUMMER fishing trips in BC… (they open in a new window)

Fall: September – November

  • Prime time for salmon fishing in BC’s coastal rivers.  Most river fishing is for chum salmon and coho salmon and they are usually most prevalent in October of each year.
  • Steelhead fishing in BC’s north is in full swing. Rivers like the Bulkley and the Skeena see their best fishing for steelhead during September and October.
  • Lake fishing in BC’s Interior gets good as temperatures cool off and fish fatten up for winter.
  • Sturgeon fishing continues to be very good in the Fraser River.

Here’s our four most popular FALL fishing trips in BC… (they open in a new window)

Winter: November – February

  • Steelhead fishing on Vancouver Island starts in mid December for winter-run steelhead.  This is the focus of Chromer Sport Fishing’s deep winter trips.
  • Salmon fishing in Vancouver is ok for smaller winter chinook salmon.
  • Try Hawaii, we hear sipping Singapore Slings on the beach is good this time of year.

Here’s our four most popular WINTER fishing trips in BC… (they open in a new window)

Spring: February – June

  • April is when ice comes off BC’s lakes and fish start feeding heavily. Lake fishing primetime for monster rainbow trout is definitely May and June.
  • Steelhead season on rivers of southern BC where the Chromer guys guide. Steelhead fishing our of Vancouver and Whistler starts in February and gets really good in March and April.
  • Skeena River steelhead fishing and the beginning of the chinook (king) salmon run starts in northern BC. A massively under-rated fishery that is quickly become a favourite of Chromer’s clients.

Here’s our four most popular SPRING fishing trips in BC… (they open in a new window)