Top 10 Fishing Areas of BC

Favorite fishing spots of chromer and our clients

Looking for a fishing trip in British Columbia but haven’t decided on what or where? Well here’s a run down of our favorites!

British Columbia is about 360,000 square miles in size and has almost 20,000 miles of coastline. With thousands of rivers and lakes  and hundreds of lodges and destinations it is sometimes hard to know where to go, or even where to start looking. Here are 10 no-brainer fishing destinations in BC that we are pleased to offer packages and trips to!


Fraser River – Freshwater Sturgeon Fishing

At 1375 km long the Fraser River is the longest river in British Columbia and drains the entire province. When flying in to Vancouver you will see the Fraser as it flows into the Pacific. The best fishing on the Fraser River can be found in the farming community of Chilliwack, approximately 90 minutes east of Vancouver. This is where you will find the best fishing for white sturgeon, the largest freshwater gamefish in North America. These sturgeon can get up to 12 feet but often range in the 6 foot category. Along with sturgeon fishing you will also find great salmon fishing in the late summer and fall.

Langara Island – Saltwater Salmon Fishing

Langara Island is located on the northern tip of the Queen Charlottes. This is as rugged and remote a fishing spot as one will find anywhere in British Columbia. Langara Island can boast and say its small area is home to BC’s best saltwater salmon and halibut fishing. With short runs to fishing grounds from the lodge, plenty of protected water, spectacular salmon fishing, abundant wildlife and a luxury lodge, Langara Island is perfect for destination for anglers looking for the best.

Bulkley River – Freshwater Steelhead Fishing

Located in the northern part of British Columbia, the Bulkley River is one of the most famous steelhead rivers in the world. Each year the Bulkley enjoys strong returns of steelhead during the months of August through November. The river winds its way through the beautiful Bulkley Valley where snow capped peaks surround anglers. The Bulkley’s real charm comes from both its fish and its fishability. Every bend you drift around on the Bulkley exposes another great run to fish. The water flow and river’s geography makes it the perfect steelhead fishery.

Haida Gwaii – Saltwater Salmon & Halibut Fishing

Also known as Haida Gwaii, the Queen Charlotte Islands are a two hour flight from Vancouver. They are located only 75 km from the Alaska border. The Queen Charlottes are made made up of the northern Graham Island and southern Moresby Island. The saltwater salmon fishing in the Queen Charlottes is arguably the best in the world. The nutrient rich waters of the area holds lots of bait and this area acts as a major feeding station for hungry salmon coming off of the open Pacific Ocean. Along with great salmon fishing anglers will also find incredible halibut fishing in the Queen Charlottes.

Elk River – Freshwater Trout Fishing

The Elk River is known as one of the most pristine and premier dry fly fisheries in the world. Located in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, the Elk River is a spectacular freestone river filled with deep pools, dancing riffles, and various back channels. The Elk River holds a very healthy population of native Westslope Cutthroat Trout and resident Bull Trout. It is the dry fly action, the abundance of wild trout and the mixed insect hatches that makes this river so popular. The summer season opens June 15 every year and carries through with dry fly fishing well into late October.

Tofino – Saltwater Salmon Fishing

Located on the west coast of Vancouver Island, the town of Tofino has long been a destination for visitors to British Columbia. You will find great saltwater salmon fishing and halibut fishing during the spring and summer months here. Along with the fishing, Tofino also has many other draws that make it a perfect destination for a family or corporate group. The surf swept beaches are a favorite of surfers, the Pacific Rim National Park is a favorite of outdoor enthusiasts and the whale watching opportunities will be sure to please everyone in the family.

Interior Lakes – Freshwater Trout Fishing

The best lake fishing in North America is in the area around the small town of Kamloops in BritishColumbia’s Interior region. A five hour drive from Vancouver will have you in Kamloops and from there you can explore countless lakes for huge rainbows. The long warm summers and abundance of insect life make the perfect combination to grow big trophy rainbow trout. You’ll want to fish the Kamloops area lakes in the spring time after ice off. This is when the lakes come to life and trout feed heavily after a long winter. The fall time is also a wonderful time to be in this area, as leaves change and trout gorge themselves before winter.

Rivers Inlet – Saltwater Salmon Fishing

Rivers Inlet, a 35 km fiord on BC’s central coast, was one of the first remote destinations where anglers travelled for saltwater salmon fishing in BC. With a rich history filled with Canadiana, River Inlet is home to the largest chinook salmon on the British Columbia coast. The world record chinook salmon comes from these waters, it was caught in a commercial net and weighed over 120 pounds! Nowadays there are chinook salmon caught each year in Rivers Inlet that weigh in the 70 pound range! If you are looking for that fish of a lifetime, think Rivers Inlet.

Skeena River – Freshwater Salmon & Steelhead Fishing

The Skeena River is the main drainage of northern British Columbia and one of the last wild free-flowing steelhead fisheries anywhere in the world. The Skeena and its hundreds of tributaries including such famous rivers as the Kalum, Copper and Kispiox offer anglers the chance at big steelhead and even bigger chinook (king) salmon.

Northern Vancouver Island – Saltwater Salmon & Halibut Fishing

Often overlooked when making salmon fishing plans in British Columbia is the northern region of Vancouver Island. This area offers a rich salmon fishery and a very healthy halibut and bottom fishery. Northern Vancouver Island is a great option for anglers looking for a drive-to, affordable option that won’t disappoint in the fishing department.