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Finding prime fishing dates on the Babine River is nearly impossible, but don’t worry, Chromer has space during the best steelhead weeks on this famous river. These all-inclusive lodge packages get you into untouched stretches of the Babine River fishing for the biggest steelhead in the world.



This is a six night package that includes five and a half days of guided fishing.  This semi-guided program gives you the chance to fish untouched water every day on a remote stretch of the Babine River. Very limited space for 2014 so inquire early….

Six-Day Lodge Package Contact Us for Pricing
September 6-12, 2014 (3 spaces available) October 4-10, 2014 (4 spaces available)
Trips Include:  Five and a half days of semi-guided fishing. Six nights lodge accommodation. Meals. Airport pickup and transfers in Smithers.
Not Included: GST Tax 5%. Fishing licenses. Alcohol. Guide gratuities. Airfare from Vancouver.



The lodge, one of only three on the river, is located on the banks of the Babine within the confines of Babine Mountains Provincial Park. Comprised of a main lounge and dining room, three guest cabins and a shower room, the lodge offers comfortable riverside arrangements. The remote location doesn’t allow for opulence, instead tasteful simplicity welcomes you.

Cozy guests cabins are shared accommodations with bunks for four anglers per cabin, perfect for a small group of friends on a trip.

A hot breakfast is served daily and packed lunches are prepped to be taken on the water each day. Homestyle dinners are enjoyed in the main dining hall at day’s end. Alcohol and mix are not included but can be purchased in Smithers pre-trip.

Fishing Info


The Babine flows into the Skeena River and is arguably one of the most famous wild steelhead rivers in the world. Each year, from early September through early to mid October, some of the largest steelhead found on the entire Skeena system make their return to the Babine.

Fishing the Babine is not about numbers, it is about quality. On average you can expect 3-4 chances at steelhead a day but the quality of specimen is hard to match. Steelhead in the 35 inch plus range are common on the Babine, so chances at a true fish of a lifetime is definitely a reality! Babine steelhead smash dry flies through most of the season, a thrill that few other rivers can offer in such consistency. Wading conditions on the Babine are managed easily by most anglers.

Semi-Guided Fishing Program

Packages to the Babine River are considered ‘semi-guided’, meaning guides spend time with 3-4 guests during the day. This is how it is done at all three lodges on the Babine.

If you’re sceptical don’t worry. Personalized service certainly isn’t lost, there just might not be someone there to get your fly out of the rocks or tie on a new leader for you. The size of the runs have lots to do with why these packages are semi-guided and it actually gives you more untouched water that has seen few to no anglers in a day. You won’t be stuck fishing behind someone, you always have your own beat and guides keep busy making sure everyone is well taken care of.

Chromer’s staff have travelled to the Babine and know the program, so any questions on how exactly it works or about the guide staff feel free to ask!


Babine River Steelhead FAQ’s

Where on the Babine is the lodge?    The camp is located on the upper river, eight miles below the fish counting fence with about approximately sixteen miles of fishable water right on the doorstep.

How many guests does the lodge hold?    The Babine Steelhead Lodge takes nine guests per week, and there is three log cabins, (4 bunks each), which do contain bathroom facilities.

What fishing licenses do I need?    You need a basic non-tidal (freshwater) fishing license, a steelhead conservation stamp and classified waters license for the Babine. Upon booking we’ll send you all the licensing information and they are easily purchased online.

What are the travel arrangements for getting to and from the Babine River?     It is suggested guests arrive in Smithers from Vancouver on the Friday evening before their week starts.  They are met at the airport by the Hudson Bay Lodge van and stay over night in Smithers (1-250-847-4581).  This lodge books up very quickly in September and October, so please reserve early. Guests are met in the lobby of the Hudson Bay Lodge by a Babine Lodge representative at 8.00 AM on Saturday morning and then will drive to the Babine River weir and then travel down river by jet boat to the lodge. After your stay, we will return you to Smithers Friday afternoon in time to catch your flight back to Vancouver or you can stay overnight in Smithers to catch the morning flight to Vancouver Saturday morning.

I’m scared of bears, should I be worried?     No don’t be worried. The Babine, like all wild places in northern BC, is home to bears but they are only seen on rare occasion.

What does ‘semi-guided fishing’ mean?     It means that the guides on the Babine will be with you for most of the day but will drop you off on runs to fish alone, then come to pick you up again. The river is suited to one angler per run and guides are most often within sight. The shuttling that they do helps you hit as much water as possible per day!

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